5 Calgary Restaurant Marketing Tips For The Digital Age

Marketing a restaurant or food truck is like marketing any other business, but with a few industry specific tweaks. Your messaging is focused on promotions, and the frequency will be much greater than the average business. Marketing a restaurant isn’t a unique challenge but one that needs to be carefully researched and executed. We consult with restaurant owners every day that haven’t done their due diligence when it comes to marketing. What type is best? What is affordable? What yields the best returns? Do I need this or that? How do I evaluate my marketing? These are all great questions to ask. So dig in as we cover the 5 areas of digital marketing Calgary or Edmonton AB SEO that apply to most businesses whether that be a food truck or actual location.

Social Media

Social media is probably one of the most important forms of digital marketing for a restaurant. It’s best for reaching out to an audience with information about specials and promotions or just to share an appealing picture of a dish or your setting on an app like Instagram. You can often find restaurants practicing local SEO¬†with their social media profiles as well. Did you know that you can rank a twitter page for a local search like Calgary search engine marketing? Social media is a diverse, and effective platform for promoting a restaurant.

Search Engine Optimization

The best search engine marketing company’s can usually be found my searching for that service in your city. If they themselves aren’t ranked, then they are suspect. So choose wisely or risk wasting a ton of time, money and sanity on a bad service provider. Being visible in and amongst your competitors is key to success. If you cant be found no one will ever come to your establishment.

Be consistent

Being consistent across all your online properties is key to maintaining good seo for social media. If you start to mix and match the type of messaging especially across different promotional platforms you can confuse your target market or audience and they won’t have a clear picture of your restaurant in their minds eye and they won’t be able to tell their friends about it or have a true representation of the experience prior to their first visit.

Double down

Doing what works with your SEO is important, this means testing and doubling down on the profitable marketing activities. You are going to find that some forms of marketing work better for you than other forms and that you may need to reallocate your capital and resources, such as time and effort to these other areas.

Constant Improvement

Always be measuring and always be improving. Marketing is often a moving target and what people are responding to today will not be what people are responding too in several months time. So don’t ever put your marketing plan on auto pilot, it needs to be constantly scrutinized and evaluated for effectiveness to ensure that your methods are still producing returns and aren’t out of date or ineffective.